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Head Start Planner


The Head Start Planner is a graphical aid memoire for the ten-step action plan covered in the book. This will help you build a resilient mindset and achieve your goals. It takes you through the “Three Bs” of Beliefs, Behaviours and Best Practice.

Head Start Planner Image

Adversity Worksheet


Chapter Four of the book is titled: “Dealing with Setbacks: Stuff Happens – it’s our beliefs about them that matter.” It covers science-based tools for reframing our beliefs about adversity, and the worksheet is a useful tool that is explained in detail. 

Head Start Adversity Image

Recommended Reading 

Head Start summarises the latest science from the fields of psychology, neuroscience and sport. For a list of Ian’s recommended books, click the button below:

Video summaries 

Each chapter of the book is summarised in a short video, and a new one is being issued each month. 

"Read this book now to find out how to achieve your life goals."


Martin Mackay, President & GM, APJ, CA Technologies



"This book cleverly teaches you the critical business skill of resilience, so you can stay positive, bounce back from any setbacks and most importantly have fun on your journey to success."


Gordon McAlpine. Entrepreneur & Author of ‘Scale Up Millionaire’

"There is not an ounce of fat or fluff in this great read."


Review on Amazon by Susan G. - Oct 2018


"An excellent, science-based toolkit. Easy to read and understand with a terrific set of tools to help you."


Review on Amazon by Fred N. - Sept 2018

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