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Corporate workshops

Elite athletes get help with the mental dimension of their performance, since competing at an elite level can be tough. Also, tools are needed in order to persist and achieve long-term goals. Increasingly, businesses are recognising that their “overwhelmed employees” need similar tools to work at their optimal level. Without developing skills in resilience and cognitive performance, it is hard to face up to adversity and, in tough times, well-being can be a casualty.  


Head Start will help your team to:​

  • Persist in the tasks that they find challenging

  • Bounce back from adversity

  • Develop confidence and self-belief

  • Cope with workplace stressors

In practice, Head Start works. See how Head Start helped WorldPay's eCommerce team.

A taster of one of our workshops

Public workshops

Delegates of the one-day workshop of the book will leave with a coherent plan to build their own mental toughness and persist towards goal achievement. It does this by helping with the following areas:

  • Beliefs: Do I have negative beliefs holding me back? What science-based tools can I use to get past them?

  • Behaviours: Do I struggle to persist or get distracted easily? How can I stick with my goals?

  • Best practice: What can I learn from the science to optimise my personal effectiveness


This highly interactive workshop, which also happens to be entirely PowerPoint-free, will be facilitated by the author.

For more details and future workshops, please contact: 

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